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Recently we have been experiencing a lot of visions – visions that promise to change the world, visions that promise to metamorphose the living real world as we know it, into something sci-fi. Beautiful girl walking through the streets with transparent virtual screens in her front displaying critical information (there goes the chance for boys looking at her face, sympathy!), people waking up in the morning as the glass window changes its colour from opaque to transparent to let the sunlight come in and wake them up (is there an option to override this? I only slept at 3 o clock!), cars having sleek glass dashboards that displays every information the driver needs (or does not) to drive the car. All of these fancy stuff is mesmerising us, inspiring us to create something that will change the world. And like God’s approval to this change, futuristic technologies are becoming open sourced, letting millions of developers being empowered to take up the responsibility to change the world. Now people cannot say – “I wanted to change the world, but God did not make it open source!”.

So, it is a golden era or technology. The digital age. But what’s the future? We are living it now. Every single day we live the future of yesterday, is that not? I remember watching “Minority Report” with my wife (then girlfriend) back in Kolkata and never did it cross my mind to replace the face of Tom Cruise with Pranav Mistry (they don’t look alike at all!). But it’s the present. And as the saying goes – “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That’s why it is called “Present (Thanks to Kung Fu Panda movie)”. We are experiencing the gift.

But when talking about future, it’s quite difficult to describe. At least now. Because, we would be talking about the future of future! Well, who will stop us to speculate? One interesting trend I have observed is – when some new technology or gadget comes into market, people become obsessed with it. People work for it, instead of – it working for people. Remember the time, when iPhone came into market? People were creating apps for iPhone. By this, I mean, apps that will look great in iPhone, perform great in iPhone, “Consumers will have an engrossed experience when playing this game in iPhone” – was what developers and marketers were saying. But now, people have come out of that obsession. Now, apps are being created leveraging iPhone. “Leverage” is not a respectful term. If you respect Mercedes Benz S Class, you cannot “leverage” that to do something. So, people balanced themselves, not being disrespectful as well as “leveraging” the new technology is what they did. Similarly, we can speculate the future is — leveraging “surface technology” people may be doing something in near future. Just an example! But more and more people are coming out of devices – “engrossed” is not a word they are looking for anymore, “Virtual Reality” is now a historic term. People want Augmented Reality. People love their world, and want to fill up its limitations with augmented information. The applications that the future will offer will relate to this. Be it the sixth sense technology, be it the classic Augmented Reality.

The most beautiful God gave us, is our mind. (heart does not do anything other than keeping you alive – biologically speaking). What’s the second most beautiful one? What did you say? – Eyes? Hmm… I respectfully disagree. The second most beautiful thing is – arguably—our hands. People can perform tremendous variety of work with the two hands. Using their hands, people want to feel the world, touch the world, understand the world. Hands gives us perception, drives us to imaginative thinking. Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, respected hands. Here came the iPhone. So, the future of future will speculatively, take the experience out of the cheap or expensive gadgetry – take to the real living world. People will use applications which will be experienced with all 5 senses, (read that — 6 senses) into the real world. That will be the future. Have you ever seen an app which will let you taste a recipe? An app that will let you smell the beauty of a flower? Future will bring that to you. As a bottom line, in future people will satisfy their six senses with a surrogate army of applications which will live among us in the real world. That’s where we will be going.

What did you say? Impossible? Let’s hear your side of the story.


1 thought on “Future”

  1. Nice one.
    I believe we are in a “king of good times” experiencing the outburst of technology in front of our very eyes. Either it is the daily increasing zoom-level, under water photography using a mobile, artificiality created body parts using 3D printing, gesture driven controls on every known gadgets. These all and many more makes me feel that we are lucky and have equal opportunity to participate in our own small way.

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