About Me


I am a passionate iOS developer for whom developing beautiful and robust mobile applications is a little bit more than just a job. I have built iOS applications of various types and for different domains. I take pride to be a “good citizen” of fellow developers community and feel honored in having the opportunity of contributing back to the community which is considered to be one of the largest in the world. I am also a great supporter of open source idealism.

Apart from being a good citizen in the developer community, I also like to make it a point to be the same in the real world. I am a conservationist and environmentalist, trying to contribute in my own way for the betterment of my big fat planet and the society in the commitment of leaving a better world for our children. I always try to spread the awareness among my fellow citizens but hate the pretentiousness of some so called environmentalist organisations.

When I am not coding, I love to cook delicious dishes, travel to new places with my wife and explore the unexplored, compose music and also sing them.

Though hailing from the city of joy – Kolkata, I currently live at New Jersey in USA with my beautiful wife, Payal, who always is a never-ending source of constant inspiration for me.


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